About Vellúa

…you feel it deep inside, a faint trembling, the echo of a sound, of a song… Questioning in our mind.. in all of us the answer is buried so deep ... so hard to find ...
Haval and Joe, two brothers, two musicians, felt it stronger and stronger, more and more clear ... they heard the echoes of long gone instruments, a deep rhythm, a deep yearning, so the journey began, the search for Vellúa, a place where instruments speak, where voices sing, where words build the bridge between silence and understanding... Vellúa, the 10th planet in our solar system, almost completely forgotten by mankind, a place full of harmony and peace, it is where we have our origins, where we need to go to again, where we once will be back again. Enjoy your dive in the world of Vellúa. Let the music embrace you, the sounds warm you and the instruments tell you a story... you are looking for an answer? You’ll find it, welcome to the world of Vellúa.
Vellúa, a music project, composed, arranged and produced in Sweden and Germany by the two brothers Haval Haco and Joe Haco, passionate musicians.
The name Vellúa, created by themselves, means "Harmonic & Peaceful Planet". That is exactly what their music expresses, and more... While listening to the sounds of Vellúa you probably will escape from this world.
The instruments and vocals are extraordinary, handpicked, searched and found all around the world, combined into one atmospheric composition, while the language of some songs, could be identified as “Vellúan”, but in fact was invented by Joe and Haval.